Virginia Right! Blog is intended to present an unapologetic and conservative view of Richmond and surrounding areas, Virginia and important national and world events of interest to those with a right leaning morality, as if there were any other kind of morality.

Tom White, Editor

I have published several technical articles over the years and was a contributing author to Campus Wide Information Systems in 1992 and more recently have been published in American Thinker and The Examiner.

I publish this blog as an outlet for my thoughts on the days issues. I am a Hanover County, Va resident since 1983, but also have a residence in Tidewater, which gives me a perspective of a wide path of the state. I have worked and driven in NoVA many times over the last few decades, and traveled numerous times to the beautiful western portions of Virginia.

I am a Navy Veteran, pro life, pro gun conservative. I believe that our Federal government has turned into the massive, ugly, suffocating monster that the founding fathers were attempting to avoid. I am for much smaller government at the federal level and more citizen controls over local government.

I definitely believe the Obama administration is moving us rapidly beyond the path to socialism and right into national oblivion.

I don’t sit on my butt and just blog about it. I volunteer for local campaigns and State campaigns. I am active in Hanover politics and a member of the Hanover Republican Committee. If you know me, then you know I will most likely ask you to become active no matter your candidate of choice or party.

I have been married for over 26 years and I like to mix humor with opinion when I can.

I welcome your opinion and you can fill out the form on the “contact us” page, or email me at editor@varight.com .

If I offend you with my conservative views, I will tell you in advance I am sorry that you are wrong. I do my best to respect everyone that deserves my respect. Even Democrats. (There’s that humor I was talking about.)

Tom White, Editor

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