Here is what I don’t get about the #NeverTrump people. We know that they are pretty much exclusively Cruz supporters who have an almost cult-like attraction for him. They believe that it was God’s plan that Cruz be the next president, perhaps that he was even anointed to be the king of the world. And they still believe this in spite of the reality of this election. And they blame the voters of Indiana and the Trump supporters whom they call every name in the book for denying God’s will. They are some of the most judgemental people I have ever known.

But my belief in God tells me that if something were truly God’s will, it will happen.

A Cruz presidency did not happen, and is highly unlikely to happen in 2016. So did the people who voted for Trump thwart the will of God? Or is it more likely that a Cruz presidency was NOT the will of God, but rather the will of Cruz’ supporters who somehow assumed it was God’s will that Cruz be president?

And if God actually has a preference for America’s next president, can any Christian believe His will will not be done?

And to take it a step further, why would God actually decide who America should have as president, as opposed to simply bending whoever happens to be president to His will, should He want to do so?

I always look twice at people who claim something they really want is God’s will. By definition, we can’t know God’s plan for anything. We can assume. We can hope. We can pray for an outcome we desire. But we simply do not know what God has planned.

If anything.

Watching sporting events I am frequently astonished at the hubris of people who pray for one team to win over another. And then they give thanks and “glory” to God for winning a game? Is it even appropriate to pray for the outcome of a game? “Please let this field goal be good!

And is politics any different?

If you believe God is omnipotent, and that God even cares about this country that has turned it’s back on Him, what possible difference could it make to God if the next president is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Hillary? If it is God’s will that an event happen, why would you think He needs a specific human to make it so?

Now I don’t pretend to know God’s will. But I believe in Him and his omnipotence. I pray for guidance. But I also believe in free will. And I know our desires and hopes sometimes interfere with our ability to listen to what God is telling us. And our own hubris makes for bad reception.

But if you believe that God has a plan. And if you believe that God’s plan extends to the person that will be the next president, how can you not also believe that His will is not playing out according to His plan?

The 2016 American presidential election is either playing out according to God’s will or He has no interest in this election at all.

IF God has a plan for the next president, is He not powerful enough to have anyone, even Donald Trump follow his plan? Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee for President. If this were not God’s will, then how could it happen?

So are the #NeverTrump people who profess to be Christians and believe that God has a plan as to who our next president will be actually the ones going against God’s will? (I have no idea, for the record.)

Donald Trump has faced an uphill battle, has been attacked by 16 candidates, the press, and nearly everyone who does not support him. He has been outspent by massive amounts and is the last candidate standing. He has faced the longest of odds from the beginning. And one by one his challengers, many of whom were heavy favorites to win, have fallen.

Trump is a man with many faults, with so many positions on issues and so many people who absolutely hate him. Yet, against all odds he has prevailed and won the nomination.

Impossible! Some would even call it a miracle.

We can’t know what God has planned. And I have absolutely no idea if Donald Trump is involved in God’s plan.

But I do know when I see something miraculous. And Donald Trump reaching the nomination is extraordinary.

#NeverTrump at your own risk. And pray.