I should sometimes READ the articles I cite in blog entries.  I cited this article to have a safe place for my readers to enjoy the Demon Sheep ad.  (Now go here!)  But the subject of the article, Fred Davis, itself is fascinating:

Political advertising is an inherently conservative form. And conservative politicians use it especially conservatively. Anything other than softly lit shots of a candidate and his or her family, with perhaps a cutaway or two to the flag or some hardworking Americans, is considered high-risk. Attack ads are even more likely to backfire and are thus to be used only in times of desperation. *  *  *  The man to credit—or to blame—is Republican media consultant Fred Davis, the closest thing political advertising has to an auteur. Unlike just about any political media guru out there, Davis embraces weirdness. His oeuvre includes a giant rat storming through downtown Atlanta, a massive hairpiece atop the Illinois statehouse, and a full-length cowboy Western song about a sitting senator. You’d think most campaigns would either laugh him out of the room or run screaming.

I have viewed the hairpiece ad, the cowboy ad and a small part of the giant rat ad.  They are funny and creative.  I admire creativity in most fields – the guy or gal who tracks a different way and beats to his/her own drum.  Fred Davis does that.  They also entertain.  People want to be entertained.  If I ever have to run for a major political office and have enough of a budget, Davis is hired!  Note to the Ron Paul Campaign (the only one who might not need Davis), here’s the Davis website (Strategic Perception, Inc.) and if you are a political junkie, have at it!  Enjoy!  (Yes the Demon Sheep ad is there – it’s called “FCINO”)