I was excited to listen to this interview with former UN Ambassador John Bolton, perhaps future President John Bolton, and he NAILED it!

1.  He calls for actual CUTS in spending!  He has a useful, although politically dangerous idea about entitlement programs – by block granting Medicaid and Medicare back to the states.  I would use this to show:  Bolton will tell you straight – even if it isn’t politically wise – and after years of Bush and Obama lies (not to mention Congressional lies) a truthteller will be refreshing.

2.  Bolton’s for gay marriage and says something somewhat Sandyesque about it:  Marriage is a religious issue and the churches can define it as they see fit.  He’s not crazy about it but feels a civil union for gays is acceptable.  It appears Bolton also favored gays in the military.

3.  Bolton praised President Calvin Coolidge (one of my favorites – thanks to Ronald Reagan for showing the nation the truth about Coolidge) for cutting the budget and ties the size of government to the amount of personal freedom.

4.  Bolton make have joked about it, but he’s willing to listen to libertarians and go to them.

5.  Bolton exposes the Agenda 21 goal:  Impoverish the Western powers like the USA and Bolton believes in American Exceptionalism!

And remember – Bolton will stand for sovereignty and the Constitution.  He’s the right guy for 2016, Bolton can unite the party and win in November