Thanks to a patriot and regular emailer, James Stack, I got this beaut of a story on this new urban and regional government group:  The Global Taskforce.  Seems to be the new work of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG, pronounced UGLY!  Well, it’s ugly as far as I am concerned!)  Decide along with me if this is not a threat to constitutional government and national sovereignty!

From its first page:


The Taskforce aims to represent the world-wide municipal and regional movement, which is celebrating its hundred year anniversary in 2013 and represents members in all the countries of the world.


The local and regional government organizations of the Global Taskforce are fully committed to ending extreme poverty in all its forms, in the context of sustainable development, and to contributing to putting in place the building blocks of sustained prosperity for all.

So the ICLEI-style international advocacy for so-called climate change is now moving to international poverty!  Wait, there’s more!


The new development agenda should be ONE and universal. It should acknowledge local and regional governments as key actors of development building on their proven contribution  to governance, equality, development, sustainable urbanization and culture.

US cities and local governments could be confederated with foreign governments to speak with ONE voice to advance a “new development agenda”; this is scary language.  Where is the Constitution?  Where is the United States of America?  I reject every bit of this and every patriotic American should do so as well.

Here’s why I call UCLG UGLY:

UCLG and its members are advocating for Sustainable Development Goals that take local and regional priorities into account, in particular in the light of rapid urbanization faced in many regions of the world. See the Rabat Declaration

Furthermore, UCLG is facilitating the work of the Global Taskforce of Local and Regional Governments, where local and regional government leaders and their partners meet to contribute to the global agenda.

The Constitution forbids US local governments from meeting with foreign counterparts to “contribute to the global agenda”!

ICLEI is also a “member” of this super organization, too!  Here’s the quote from David Cadman, ICLEI President:

“The scale and urgency of global climate change challenge demonstrate that accelerated mitigation and adaptation actions by all levels of government and civil society are essential in order to reach globally agreed goals.”

I think a state attorney general should investigate this whole thing and find out:  Are cities in my state members of UCLG?  We are being undermined from within.  Time for all Americans to stand up and ask questions:

  • Is my city a member of ICLEI?
  • Is my city a member of UCLG?
  • What is this all about?

To paraphrase William Lloyd Garrison in another context:  This website and initiative is telling us the time and it is high noon!  Time to contend for our Constitution and sovereignty!