A matter came to my attention about Sarvis campaign.  There was a tweet from @SarvisPress that accused Donna Holt of peddling “conspiracy theories” which is of course Agenda 21.

This tweet understandably upset many people including me and I brought it to the attention of the Sarvis campaign.  So did my other hero of the day, a liberty activist from Chesterfield named Kirby Harris.  Here is the full account of the Harris matter at ronpaulamerica.com.

I am pleased to report that Sarvis has repudiated the idea that Agenda 21 is a conspiracy theory.

Robert Sarvis Hi Kirby. I haven’t actually seen the tweet but have heard there’s quite a reaction to it. I certainly wasn’t involved in the tweet and have already raked him over the coals for injecting his own editorial comments. I previously answered a question about Agenda 21 in this video at 2:10 http://youtu.be/cwM8CwhESkg

This is not a smear as the campaign did this blunder but it shows how tensions are high right now.  I propose after the election we have a liberty event that we can celebrate victories and plan where we go form here.  I volunteer to help with it.