Sponsored by various organizations,  internationally acclaimed authorities  on private property rights Tom DeWeese and Marc Morano  spoke to over 300  state-wide attendees last Saturday, March 8th in Hayes, Virginia.
The program focused on the many governmental regulations that have been instigated in order to destroy the private use of property.   Stemming from the theory that climate change is a result of manmade causes, even though this theory has been widely discredited, private property rights have been trampled upon.   Spawned by the United Nations under the terms of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21, the plan is for government to totally control the use of individual property.   You keep it up and pay the taxes – the government controls its use – and, ultimately, government housing to replace private homes.
Special guests attending were Bishop E.W. Jackson, Rumanian refugee and best selling author Ileana Johnson  Paugh, author Dave Gautatz as well as property rights advocate Martha Boneta, for whose cause “The Boneta Farm Bill” was just signed into law in Virginia.