Imagine was a pretty tune and when John Lennon first released the song in 1971, we all sang along. And it was a very popular song.

The problem is, as many of us that loved the song have grown up, we realized the utopia that Lennon sang about was a Socialist world. And Lennon’s simple melody and caring words are fine on paper – or on the radio. But as we have seen the road to Socialism is filled with ugly potholes and even Improvised Explosive Devices that blow up the fabric and morality of society rather than flesh and bone.

As the Obama Administration moves to save us all from ourselves, we now see that under a Socialist megalomaniac regime departments of the government that are intended to make life better have been weaponized. The IRS, the EPA, Homeland Security and virtually every tentacle of the massive government that our Constitution was designed to prevent has been used to attack those who hold different views. Including the beliefs of our majority Judeo-Christian citizens.

So a couple of years ago I decided to fix John Lennon’s song via a parody. And it is time to drag this out again, given that we have continued down the same path.

And for those that wonder why I work so hard to put people that believe in the Constitution in office, I hope this Parody of the song gives some perspective. And after the song, keep watching.

So, if John Lennon were a Conservative, here is what he may have written. And should have written in this parody.